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Starting a Calling Cards Business


Before we discuss how to start your own calling cards business, it is important to understand how calling cards actually work.

Selling VoIP calling cards basically means buying software (class 5 softswitch server with calling cards software, also called a calling cards platform) and wholesale minutes to all destinations and then selling them to your clients. When Do you know someone buys a calling card from you at their grocery store, they will use your minutes to make their calls and your server will bill them accordingly.

Because this system works with VoIP, you will be able to offer your clients calls at a fraction of the price of regular calls but still offer them great quality calling.

All different types of people use calling cards, whether they are people that want to call family and friends abroad, tourists that want to call their home country or small businesses that have international clients – they have benefits for everyone!


There are so many different VoIP apps today that let you make VoIP calls directly from your mobile phone – without the need of a middle-man, you may be wondering why calling cards still have a place in the market today?

First of all, many software providers allow you to use their cards from both landlines and mobiles. VoIP apps generally only work from mobiles. Calling cards are very easy to use and generally work without problems. When it comes to the VoIP apps, they are not always as reliable. When the user has internet that is not strong enough for example, the calls will be disturbed or not work at all.

There is a big market for selling calling cards as people are always looking for cheaper ways to call abroad. If done properly, this can turn into a very lucrative business.


There are two types:


Just as the name says it, users will need to enter their pin in order to make a call (usually found on the back of the card)


These calling cards will recognize the user and they will not have to put a pin before using the card

Once signed in, the system will ask the user to enter their access number, in the case of PIN cards – the user will need to enter their pin as well. The system will then tell the user the amount of credit he still has in his account. Now the user can enter the phone number he wishes to call – it’s that simple!

You can offer your clients either only PIN, only PINless or a combination of both types of calling cards.

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