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Internet Advertising Tip – How to Save Time and Make More Money

Do you ever get frustrated when having spend a lot of time placing banner and link advertising on numerous websites you get notified that the particular advertisements are either no longer running or no longer paying?

Here is a simple tip that saves ทำป้าย time and enables you to immediately replace ads on hundreds of your websites at an instant. You can easily overcome the problem of giving advertisers free space on your websites and replace dud ads with newer ones instantly – no matter how many websites you have with the dud ads on.

You can save yourself a heap of time when you place advertising links and banners on multiple sites that you own with the use of the “iFrame” tool. This is a very neat tool that allows you to place content from another website into your own. It is not difficult to learn. Just play around with the code iFrame Code You will have to adjust the width and height to suit the ad size and obviously you need to use “yourdomain”. It is quite useful for framing other websites in your own to provide content – but the most productive use is for use in placing advertisements on your own websites.

Say you have a specific ad or group of ads you plan to put on your websites. What happens when the advertisers suspend their program and no longer pay you for the ads you are displaying? Naturally you go about replacing those advertisements on each of your sites. As the number of sites you have grow the task of dismantling ads becomes enormous.

Save yourself the efforts by initially posting the ads onto a single page of one of your websites – with nothing else on the page. Just the specific ad. (Also it is useful if you have a group of ads suitable for boxing together – in which case you can group them all on a single page – so they might appear as a banner containing four or more compatible advertisements for displaying on multiple websites. That is really neat too = as instead of having to put say four or five ads individually on your websites you can put them all at the same time – with just one simple tool.)

Use “iFrame” to place the advertisement on all your various websites. All you need do is first place the “iFrame” code around the “URL” of the specific page on which the ad / or ads have been initially placed. Then just paste the “iFrame” captured advertisements onto the websites you wish to see them display. You can in this manner very easily duplicate groups of advertising banners across thousands of websites.

When an advertiser suspends their campaign or you see that you are not making money with their ads you can change the advertisement displaying on all of you websites simply by altering only the one page which you initially coded for the advertisement. The “iframe” then is altered everywhere it has been inserted – so voila, you have a massive ad replacement exercise completed with just one zap!

Note – you do not have to touch the “iframe” coding on any of your display websites – only on the principal page on one website – the one on which you actually placed the advertising banner codes.


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