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Different Between Short Sale Realtors and Real Estate Agents

A real estate agent in a person involved in assisting with sales and purchase of properties, while short sale realtors. Also a real agent that has registered under a body called the National Association of Realtors. Men involved in the sales of properties for a proprietor are called real estate agents; this made some group come together in the early stage to form a standard between a real-estate agent and a registered real estate agent called realtors. It was regarding this reason of differentiation that made one of the members of the body in the early stage give it the name realtors as a proprietary term.

Long before 1916, those involved in sales and purchase of properties were generally called real-estate men signifying their involvement in selling and purchase of actual lands and houses. Then this real estate men to come together to form an organization called National visit Association of Real Estate Exchanges with the aim of wining titles and declaring standards on their practice to influence real-estate. This body was formed in Chicago in 1908. Real-estate practices after the invention of this body gained regulation and its members were required to operate on the golden rule as their code of conduct even to this end.

In 1916, the National Association of Real Estate Exchange as a body changes its name to the National Association of Real Estate Boards. This was when one of its members proposes a name called Realtor as a title to distinguish between those real-estate men suggestion was made by Charles Chadbourn and was accepted by its members.

The National Association of Real Estate board was later changed in 1978 to The National Association of Realtor. Since the body comprises of Realtor, members decided to capitalize it by a registered trade mark sign.

Though a real-estate agent and a Realtor are both involved in the same legal practice of sales and purchase of actual properties, Realtors are still well recognized by many proprietors owning to the fact that they are licensed and also registered with a trade mark. Many opportunities lie in becoming a Realtor than just a real estate agent.


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